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Paracoccus seriniphilus adhered on surfaces: Resistance of a seawater bacterium against shear forces under the influence of roughness, surface energy, and zeta potential of the surfaces
Katharina Huttenlochner, Neda Davoudi, Christin Schlegel, Martin Bohley, Christine Müller-Renno, Jan C. Aurich, Roland Ulber, and Christiane Ziegler
Biointerphases 13, 051003 (2018)

Determination of the spin Hall angle in single-crystalline Pt films from spin pumping experiments
S. Keller, L. Mihalceanu, M. R. Schweizer, P. Lang, B. Heinz, M. Geilen, T. Brächer, P. Pirro, T. Meyer, A. Conca, D. Karfaridis, G. Vourlias, T. Kehagias, B. Hillebrands, E. Th. Papaioannou

New J. Phys. 20, 053002 (2018)

Calibration sample for arbitrary metrological characteristics of optical topography measuring instruments
Matthias Eifler, Julian Hering, Georg von Freymann, and Jörg Seewig
Opt. Express 26, 16609 (2018)